Thursday, July 1, 2010

King Donalds

on saturday we had dinner at burger king or mc donalds, essentially its all the same... at least we learned one menu for each of us is really too much (although i know we shouldnt eat there at all! its just convenient, when u are tired, had a long day, were moving...), so we now take one menu, and an extra burger. this however always causes confusion, and usually the ordering takes a while before they understand... but it seems many workers at mc burger do not speak that much english (ah yes, u can see from this our visits are too frequent, but now that we moved into a place with a decent kitchen.. we will cook ourselves again, promised!!).
it seems that these fast food restaurants are gather points for the most weird people; an excellent people watch place! dont dare to take pictures though, most people arent a little weird, but reaaallllyyyy weird. like on saturday there was this old lady with very long hair so dirty it seemed she had mopped the floor with it. besides, she had an enormous beard.....
here at least u can take as much ketchup as you want, as opposed to the netherlands where you have to pay for your stupid little "bakje fritessaus".

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