Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Harvard building

as you can see, it is still raining.... this is the hallway on the fifth floor, where i work. some of the umbrellas are sooo nice! especially on the other side of the hallway are often very fancy, shiny purple umbrellas... but i took a pic on this side as there were a lot more :)
this afternoon patrick and his daughter came over to pick up a yeast plasmid! we had lunch (at panera ofcourse, yumyum) and tim came over as well. that was nice! while waiting for patrick, we were sitting in the fancy glass building that is connected to my older, crappier building. it really looks nice, and i was trying to get a nice picture, which didnt work out. so i was trying a little more... and then a security guy came and said: "you are not taking pictures, I assume?" and while holding my camera i said: 'ah, is it not allowed?' "no. it is a matter of privacy". and then he kept staring at us until i felt so uncomfortable that we decided to go somewhere else. at that very moment patrick came and asked the unfriendly guy directions...
buugggh. is this another example of overreacting? who am i harming with some stupid pictures? there are no patients in our building, just crazy scientists like me..! and no, i am also not planning some attack and therefore checking out the building... (thats why they dont like people taking pics on the subway, this is what they write in their policy about taking pics: "intelligence indicates that persons who wish to target particular locations for terrorist purposes are likely to use photography as part of their pre-attack surveillance and planning. As such, the MBTA has not only an obligation to protect its customers and employees and deter and prevent terrorism, but also an inherent responsibility to regulate photography on, in, or of MBTA property, vehicles, or employees.")

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Tim said...

i think maybe there are many americans who are not crazy like you would think from these regulations, but they just say oh well, its for protection, we will let it be. But we are EUROPEANS! we have different values! what about our OWN privacy that's being invaded by anonymous officers going through our personal items!