Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Abandoned cart

carriage, actually. also in new york; in the same street as the garage for cabs. it looked so strange, so out of place, finding this carriage there. it really looked as if it was abandoned in a hurry, and suddenly we were in another century, if not for the cabs rushing by.. we checked whether it was broken or so, but that did not seem to be the case.
i always heard this story that it is no pleasure to take a carriage ride in central park, as they keep the horse-shit somewhere close to where you are sitting. but i never tried, so i dont know whether it is true... :) (trying to find out a bit more about it, i came across this article, its about how badly these horses are treated, and that the average working life of such a horse is 4 years, whereas the average is 15 years for horses of the NYPD)


Tim said...

makes for cool pictures when abandoned; not so when occupied.

CaT said...