Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Many tattoos

this guy was building some stage in front of faneuil hall, a very touristy part of boston. in fact i like the walk from the haymarket T station across the market (but after we bought real bad peaches there 2 months ago i refrain from buying anything there, but people watch is amazing..), then you walk past faneuil hall (not that interesting in my opinion) towards the waterfront (very nice...!). i noticed that a lot of people around here have their arms and/or legs tattood entirely like above. almost always very colorful, mostly flowers. i think it is really more extreme as well as colorful than back home.. but it might also be that here more body parts are more often shown due to higher temperatures.. :D
behind the guy is indeed a huge macaroni!! and it says: you know you love it. too bad i could not position him such that that was entirely visible... :(
(and right next to the macaroni is a sign: for your safety; please do not climb on the sculpture; american boredom/ to avoid lawsuits when people fall off?)

1 comment:

Tim said...

it's mac&cheese tattoo guy!! :D