Sunday, September 19, 2010

The town

friday the town came out. a movie situated in boston about bank robbers in charlestown. of course we went to see it in our favorite enormous cinema. we hoped to catch the one at 10, and were right on time... but then the lady said: all sold out, first movie available is at 11.45!! while driving we passed a fair (i do prefer the dutch word "kermis"; fair does not seem to capture what a "kermis" really is, or so it sounds to me), and thus decided to pass our 2 hour waiting time with people watch there. watch indeed, i did not dare taking pics, but anyways i was more into photographing the colorful attractions.
then back to the cinema that was supercrowded, as opposed to last week with the crappy american. hmm, the movie was not boring (but what wouldnt be after the american), and it was funny to see boston, but they could have shown nicer shots of boston, and ben affleck really didnt need to wear tshirts with "boston" on it continuously, as his accent was strong enough already. also, he could have dressed up a little more, he constantly looked like he just came from the gym, while the girl he falls in love with is dressed up and totally not his type. ah yes, a flimsy story..., luckily i am not a movie critic!


CaT said...

btw, we didnt try any of the attractions: too expensive... :P

Tim said...

the attractions: expensive. the people there: priceless.