Tuesday, October 19, 2010

In isolation

it is still not cold (yet)! yes, in the mornings and evenings its chilly, but chilly in a nice and fresh way (dont they say "crisp" or something?). lunch outside in the sun is still possible, isnt that amazing?
this is at the boston common. i found him funny. it was so beautiful and sunny, and he had entirely isolated himself from his surroundings with his laptop, ipod/phone or whatever, and headphones. multimedia-kid.. :) (and now i sound like an old lady, as if i am not on the internet all the time myself!)


Tim said...

dont forget the sunglasses! :)

CaT said...

yupsie, thought about that but then decided you viewers can also look at the picture yourself! ;)
but i think this guy looks very american, and the glasses are also very american