Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Moose tracks

we have this great little ice cream shop close to our house (not pictured above, it is not so photogenic; this one is in nantasket). one thing americans certainly are good at; delicious ice cream! and you get lots of it. the first time we went there we made the mistake of ordering a medium-sized ice cream. we didnt have dinner yet, and we didnt need one anymore after that.... i did not eat anything else the entire evening and was soooo full! i think a small ice cream here is still a lot bigger than a large ice cream in the netherlands.. (and you can take TWO flavors in a small..! 2!!). my favorite flavor is moose tracks. yum yum yum yum. not a flavor i would have choosen myself, but a real american colleague recommended it to me.. and i didnt want anything else ever since. it is vanilla icecream with chocolate fudge and tiny cute peanut butter cups. hmmmm.. want one now!! however.. most ice cream shops (including "ours") closed this weekend; its getting colder..... although today it was another sunny day, we even had lunch outside!!

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Tim said...

maybe we can get moosetracks at the supermarket..?