Monday, October 11, 2010

Too sleepy

to write anything of interest or to pick a nice picture.. i didnt take any interesting ones today... not many people around where we went... :) oh yes, we climbed a mountain, or.. we went "hiking"; i always find that a very funny word, and it sounds very active; indeed, it was a bit tiring for someone who comes from a country thats entirely flat.... and yes, the view on top was nice and all, but im not good at capturing such beauty (but it really was pretty!).
im best off sleeping now, i guess, and its about time! tomorrow another day of work.. (and for those who might think otherwise; this is not a selfportrait!!)


Tim said...

when did you take this?? ":)

CaT said...

on my birthday, at the old-car-show.. ! you didnt see her? we walked past her pretty much..!

Mriekje said...

I saw her! :) Nice pic!