Monday, November 8, 2010

Mountain dew

in one of the episodes of the big bang theory, sheldon is doing some experiment at home. he has all this glassware and solutions set out before him. then leonard asks him what the bright fluorescent yellow solution is, and he says something like "ah, that is a refreshing beverage of mountain dew" while taking a big gulp of it. it is even more fluorescent yellow in real than in this picture, i would say! and i like it!! but i heard its the worst soft drink there is, with the highest amount of sugar.... 
just read this article that a nutrition professor lost weight by eating twinkies (some kind of chocolate bar). what he did was limiting himself to a 1800 calorie diet a day (a normal intake for him being around 2600), proving thereby that it does not matter WHAT you eat, but how much of it.... but he himself had no explanation for not being unhealthier after this diet. rather, they found he was healthier (by for example having a lower cholesterol level). here a link to the entire article!
ah well... what should i say? guess its time for the gym...!


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biebkriebels said...

It looks a very unhealthy diet to me. With all that sweet his cholesterol level was lower? I think you better can go to the gym indeed.