Monday, January 31, 2011

No trespassing

an alley close to downtown crossing. there are some shops, the boston common is closeby and if you walk in the other direction you will hit the state house and then the boston harbor. i think a lot of tourists goto this area, but i am pretty sure they are all disappointed. although it seems nice at first, there really is not much to do, not many shops and many shops are old, small and dirty. maybe this alley is one of the prettier things around there... except ofcourse the MBTA entrance to downtown crossing.....!
the talk of the day; more snow is coming our way!! since this year we have had a snowstorm every week and most likely this week wont be an exception. im still not tired of it.... :)


Steffe said...

Oh.What a lovely scene! How can you not like this!

biebkriebels said...

What a big photo! A real American picture with the "West Side Story" steps.I heard about the snow coming, it was on the news here, 60 cm. You will need higher boots.

Tim said...

i like the big frame!

CaT said...

yes, its a little big, but somehow i liked it better... although the layout is not suited for that (the photo is cut off on the right side)
and yes, i do need higher boots, sooo much snow!!