Sunday, January 9, 2011

Food court

above a sparrow having its own table in the food court in the Square One Mall in saugus. i mentioned that before, its such a sad mall! but there were sales and we were too lazy to do anything else, so we wandered around a bit this sunday. 
my first encounter with a food court, when i was in the usa for the first time now over 6 years ago just left me with amazement. a shopping mall, ok, i knew that. but a section of it totally devoted to food? fast food? had never seen that before and found it soooo weird! then later i discovered that also on the highway there exist "food exits". food exits??! and then on the exit board it shows you what kind of (fast) food you can get there. now i got used to it, and actually it is convenient, wherever you go, you know there will be some kind of fast food (yegh, its always fast food). yesterday we behaved as 2 true dutch; we went to the supermarket, got some nice ("europeanstyle") rolls, some cream cheese and ham, went to the sad food court of the sad shopping mall, and made our own lunch! much better than the fast food!
of course there is a wiki for food court and i like this: "common materials used in constructing food courts are tile, linoleum, formica, stainless steel and glass, all of which facilitate easy cleanup." yup! and thats why they all look so sad sad sad!


Tim said...

the sandwich was VERY hard to cut with the little plastic knife.. but it was pretty good ;) at least we had "fast drink" some high powered mountain dew.

biebkriebels said...

The floor and the chairs, I can hear them scratching auchch.. very "gezellig".