Saturday, February 5, 2011

Snow farm

i guess we discovered a snow farm.... mountains and mountians of snow on the excess parking lot of the showcase cinemas in revere. in summer there is a market here, and in winter there is snow! :)
today it rained a lot, and it was not so cold, so the piles started to melt, resulting in soooo much water on the streets!! but the piles of snow are still high, the roads still narrow (i saw so many rear view mirrors that were broken off cars standing alongside the roads.. it just doesnt fit currently). many roofs are collapsing too, due to all the snow..... according to the weather forecast; more to come next week.
ah yes, we went to see a movie (we go very often here), this time it was the king's speech. i had seen the preview already several times when going to other movies and wasnt that enthousiastic. but.... it was a very good movie. not boring at all (as i had expected)!


biebkriebels said...

Those are huge mountains of snow, must take a long time to get away all this. I am looking forward to see that movie, it is not yet here. Has to be at the Oscars first I think.

Tim said...

foto by myself!!

CaT said...

hahaha, crazy guy... :( yes, you took the pic, but i choose this one because obviously i was a better model than you were... ;)
yes, i read it might take well into spring before these snow mountains are entirely gone i read somewhere. and yes, defenitely go see that movie when its finally in the netherlands... :)

Upper Cesc said...

Alone in the dark!

biebkriebels said...

Ik ga maar even over op nederlands, over die kerk op mijn blog. Ik heb er geen bezwaar tegen dat ze hergebruikt worden, ben ook helemaal niet religieus of zo, maar zo'n oude kerk met zo'n sfeer, volzetten met videoapparatuur en allerlei "rare" kunstuitingen. Je wil niet weten waar je naar staat te kijken. World Press Photo staat daar ook altijd, dat vind ik toch weer wat anders. Maar ja, ik vind het gewoon een beetje jammer dat het tegenwoordig zo gaat.