Friday, April 29, 2011

Hiring day

april 19th, mc donalds had a national hiring day. i think it meant you could walk into any mc donalds and could fill out an application. there were 50,000 positions available! i missed it... ;)
today i read in the newspaper that the day was a great success, many people came, more than 1 million filled out an application for either a part- or fulltime job.. and they hired even more people than planned! 62,000! worldwide, mc donalds has 400,000 people employed. 
so... all in all i think its not bad mc donalds exists, children love it, for us, lazy adults its useful after another too long day in the lab and no mood or energy to cook anymore, and it provides numerous jobs. but it seems most people despise mc donalds, or perhaps they feel they should express that they never goto it! :)  (howcome all those jobs available then!)
here in the US they want to ban all advertisements focused onto young kids that have to do with unhealthy food. that might be good. but i think the problem is and will always be their parents; they should take care that their kids get healthy meals and goto mc donalds only by exception. then it also remains fun for them.. 
but well, thats just my simple opinion and now i should attend to my non-mc-job!!


Tim said...

are the parents influenced by the children or are the children influenced by their parents...

biebkriebels said...

It is easy food, but when you eat it a lot, it all tasts the same I think. I once read that they throw away much food, when it is not sold within certain time. But it is nice people have jobs indeed. Here there are many, very young kids working at MC because they are cheap.

Sylvia Neumann said...

I think Tim is right, but as a parent you should be strong, as an aunt you can be weak, hahahaha:) but still McDo in the US is really baeeeeh. much better burgers somewhere else

Sequim Daily Photo said...

I haven't been to a McDonalds for over 10 years, but it was because I was vegetarian for those years (just stopped this year). We used to have Wendy's and McDonalds when we were kids. It doesn't sound tasty to me now, but I think it serves a purpose to people.
It's funny how the same people who say ban McDonalds have no problem loading their carts up with sugars, processed foods and the like.