Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Theme day!

i am a member of citydailyphoto for a little while now! but so far i havent had the time to really do something with that and always missed the theme days etc.... i am not entirely sure i understood how it works, but i believe its still valid to participate in april's theme day (or can you post it only at the first day of the month? the theme is "edges". and above the picture i choose.... i have had it in my "perhaps for my blog picture folder" for a while now... i took it on thanksgiving, last november, when we were in provincetown. of course we went exploring this small town a little, and found this side street that seemed quite abandoned. i guess nature will take over entirely soon (or has done so already..)!
(hmmm... i think i am already too late to participate in april's theme day...)


biebkriebels said...

I like the photo, very weird with all the plants. I saw all the "edges" coming along on the city blogs on the first of April, but a few days later, who cares.

Tim said...

it's ugly as hell but interesting..

Sequim Daily Photo said...

that picture gave me a laugh. I can't imagine having that in my yard, oh the shame lol.