Saturday, May 14, 2011

Ugly picture

annoyed because blogger was unavailable yesterday and i couldnt upload my picture! now today i am indecisive and therefore choose an ugly picture.. this is somewhere in malden, the city next to ours, melrose. while melrose is like a small, pretty town like in the movies, malden is the bigger, ugly and kind of dangerous version(at least it looks like that)... :) but basically, we never goto either city and only drive through one or the other, depending on where we are going.
the advertisement above is very american, i think. "for our nation. for us all". it reminds me of starship troopers, by now an ancient movie we recently watched again... perhaps i should consider a master's in leadership indeed.... :D
hmm, today's pic i will choose tomorrow, im tired now..


biebkriebels said...

Yes, those things you never see here. In fact the whole army is decimated, no tanks,no heli's. We will wait for the american's when there is trouble here.

Tim said...

hahaha i hope they never come.