Saturday, June 18, 2011

The family

a while ago, it must have been a first sunday of the month, we had free entrance to yet another museum. this time in new hampshire, where we went to this museum. a spacious museum with a lot of interesting things. there was an exhibit from jon brooks, a wood sculptor. im not into that at all, but it was simply beautiful (you have to check out his website!). as bonus, he himself was there and gave a presentation about his work, and signed his artbook for us! but i was too shy to ask for a picture.
so.. above something else we saw there, and that i liked. this artwork is called the family, by marisol escobar. it is a comment on "the families of the 60s". mom is dressed stylishly (the gloves, the hat etc), her husband, and 4 children. it featured as the cover of time magazine in 1970, when they had an article about the "crisis of the american family". i just searched for it and could perfectly find it back online (hooray for the internet!!), here the quote with which they start the article: "Students in rebellion, the young people living in communes, unmarried couples living together call into question the very meaning and structure of the stable family unit as our society has known it." The family, says California Psychologist Richard Parson, "is now often without function. It is no longer necessarily the basic unit in our society." click here for the entire article!
time magazine is smart, as soon as i found the article, a window popped up, offering me a yearlong subscription for their weekly magazine for only 30 dollars! now thats a deal..... and i anyways should learn more about the us of a, no?


Leif Hagen said...

Fantastic family fun foto! Fabulous!

Sequim Daily Photo said...

I agree with Leif, fun picture! I checked out that Jon Brooks site before and he did some amazing work too.

CaT said...

:) thank you!
yes, i remember i posted that on your blog... i wanted to let everyone know about jon brooks but was too lazy at that time to write about it on my own blog.. :)

Steffe said...

Looks like he has a unique style.