Saturday, July 23, 2011

Boston's great!

this evening we saw a movie at the hatch shell, as you can see above! next to the charles river, boston organizes free friday flicks starting in june until august. the movie starts at sunset, today that was at 8.14, and thus every week the movie will start a little earlier, funny, no? we got some pizza, sat on some scrubs (tim brought them from work, we fogot to bring a blanket like real americans), enjoyed free salads and beverages... and finally a movie. this time it was despicable me, an animated film. i liked it so much!
on wednesday's you can go to the hatch shell as well, then to enjoy some classical music, as i posted last year. in the meantime, it was really, really hot today. at some point the temperature was 39.5 degrees celsius, or 103 F. the only day it was hotter here in boston was on july 4th, 1911, when it was 104 F. when stepping outside for lunch today, i had the feeling i stepped into a hair dryer, as it was very windy, somehow i liked it! anyways.. authorities take the heat very serious, you can goto "cooling centers" in the city, and i now know that the MBTA has distributed 66 extra fans throughout the subway stations, where it can be real hot. as such, the total number of fans is 276. just so you know! :) here you can read it all.


biebkriebels said...

That looks very relaxed to watch a movie in the open air. I always like those outdoor things to watch. It is a terrible heat you have, I remember the same feeling you had when I was once in Death Valley. It was 40 degrees C and felt like you stept in an oven.

CaT said...

yes, it was!! and there were soo many people! many many families and all the kids could stay up really late!

Tim said...

unicorns i love them, i love unicorns, i love unicorns, unicorns i love you!