Thursday, July 28, 2011

Happy family

looks cute, no?
at the frog pond, once again, in the boston common.
im not so much in a writing mood, these days.... perhaps next week again!


Sequim Daily Photo said...

Happy Family, happy picture. The part that made me smile the most was that little kid on the left, he looks like he's having so much fun. I really like this shot.

biebkriebels said...

Yes it looks happy, no guards on your back this time?

Anonymous said...

A future image of you and Tim? :)
Cute indeed!

CaT said...

it was actually on the same day... just before the guards.
the boy does look cute! and only when i placed the picture, i saw that there is also a couple in the back, kissing (i think), and the way they are standing is funny!

very future.... i would say... :D

Birdman said...

Neat shot, I agree.

Steffe said...

Looks cooling.