Sunday, August 21, 2011

Something simple

some raindrops on a green leaf.... but it took me quite a while to get i photographed! this was in montreal, where i went to visit a friend with baby, haha, so now you know why i went there. the baby is only 29 days old today.... and very cute.
the bus trip back was again not very pleasant. no dogs at the border this time, but the officers became very suspicious when one male passenger had a what appeared to be a female scarf in his bag. when asked twice whether that scarf was his (and yes, he answered it is!!), they took him to another room for further investigation. that took over an hour, after which he could just return back (so... do not bring "weird" clothes with you!). i dont think this passenger was treated very nicely, and most likely there was absolutely nothing wrong with him, and that while they have this "pledge" hanging at every US border.
more delays at the next stop, and then heavy rain slowed us even further down. i got back to boston 3 hours later than planned. grrrr!!!
tomorrow another montreal picture!


biebkriebels said...

Those drops we have here too unfortunately but you made a beautifull photo of them. What the hell can a scarf do wrong in a bag? What are those people thinking, he is going to strangle somebody?

Birdman said...

I've learned my lesson... don't make comments, don't ask questions, don't be comedian or ya, you'll be in the other room. hahahahaha

Tim said...

i always hum a song to keep me calm: bomb, bomb bomb booooomb... bomb bomb bomb bomb..