Friday, September 30, 2011

Tour bus

there are many tour buses in boston, i guess from different companies. there is ofcourse the famous "ducktours" that both drives you around boston, as well as is able to go into the water (as they describe it themselves: a W.W.II style amphibious landing vehicle). i never had the slightest urge to take such a tour. i am somehow always annoyed when they drive by (and they do, very often), they block your view, they stop on the middle of the road to allow the lazy people to take pictures of the "sights" they ought to have seen, they cut you off while driving yourselves (in this case; tim :) ).
this tour bus i saw last week or so. and it is advertising for boats?!! so basically advertising against themselves? a lot of these tour buses also promote that they drive "green", but are they really green, when going through the city with so many at the same time? (often only half-full or less, as they just drive around and tourists can hop on and off).
for me that ad said enough.. :)

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Tim said...

the bus itself is red :)