Monday, October 3, 2011

Birthday weekend

it was my birthday this weekend. and therefore, tim and me went to new york! tim booked a very fancy hotel, next to the wtc-site. or now, rather, the 9/11 memorial. our room was on the 42nd floor, with many huge windows, giving us an amazing view in 2 directions (we were on a corner, so more windows!). it was really beautiful.... yes, i went up on rockefeller center, and the empire state building, but this was a totally different experience. seeing manhattan during the day, at night, in the early morning, during sunrise. waking up during the night and seeing this incredible view.... really cool (too bad there was this enormous flatscreen blocking some of the view.. :).
to my left you see the tower that will replace the twin towers. if i understood correctly, they are now halfway with it.
more tomorrow!


biebkriebels said...

Oh, this looks very good, very nice photo with the view and congratulations with your birthday!

Tim said...

that tim is really a great guy!

Sylvia Neumann said...

oh neee, ik ben het vergeten, sorry! en van harte gefeliciteerd nog!!

Manon said...

Happy belated B'day!!!