Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Reinventing society

today occupy boston was again in the news, but this time because the health conditions at this new city were being questioned. so many people on such a small space, without showers or toilets, and without proper places to store food, is that healthy? well, dont worry! they have a health committee and they keep everything as clean as possible, there is hand sanitizer and there will be a free flu clinic and there are condoms and... 
yes, they have committees for everything. just like in normal life. you are asked not to just take the food, but have someong from the food committee serve you. and... since there have been many thefts, people in the tent city have been thinking of putting locks on their tents. moreover, someone has been arrested just last week for dealing hard drugs from one of the tents. as a result, they assembled a safety committee.... in other words, they are just re-creating society, only on a little more primitive scale. as such, you will be evicted from the place if you are using drugs or alcohol. while in regular society, there are places to help such people, the advantage of this primitive society is that they can just expel whomever is annoying; there is always the "real world" out there. but... one day or another they will find out, i think, that they just have reinvented society. the people in their little committees will become the new 1%, and the rest will not be happy with them, sooner or later.... it just takes them a while; in new york they are already in tents since half september! or.... perhaps the odor problem will get them to their senses before they get upset with their mini-society. we noticed on sunday that the bottom 1% of society is very well represented at occupy boston (perhaps because of the free food and a tent to sleep?), and apparently they dont mine urinating freely, adding to the smell..... or perhaps the cold weather that is coming; we might see some snow tomorrow already!


biebkriebels said...

You're right a small society with rules, rules, rules. What could you do without them? It is a strange phenomenon to watch such a "campground" in the middle of a city.In Amsterdam there are 120 tents now, place is full, no place to discuss anymore they want to move to Dam-square which is not allowed.

Tim said...

bunch of bums. i saw that guy in the picture. The whole time we spent at that camp, this guy did not move an inch. All he did was smoke. How is he helping society.

biebkriebels said...

Tonight I read an article in the paper, Amsterdam has exactly the same problems as Boston, robbery, drugs, homeless people and no space.

GUN said...

At night, most of the tents in Amsterdam are empty. RTL discovered this with a thermal infrared camera. Too cold at night for the protesters. Only the homeless people are staying.

CaT said...

je hebt je post weer weggehaald!
maar... hier werd er inderdaad ook gespeculeerd dat veel van de tenten gewoon leeg zijn; wellicht niet alleen 's nachts maar de hele dag!
en ze hebben wel al iets van 40,000 dollar opgehaald!! in boston alleen.... dat geld kan beter aan iets nuttigs besteed worden, vinnik...

GUN said...

sorry het posten ging weer mis, maar dit heb ik overgenomen van rtl nieuws

Occupy Amsterdam: tenten zijn leeg

Het Occupy-kamp op het Beursplein in Amsterdam wordt ’s nachts vrijwel niet bewoond. Tachtig tot negentig procent van de tenten is 's nachts leeg. Dat blijkt uit eigen onderzoek van Editie NL. De VVD Amsterdam vindt dat de tenten zo snel mogelijk weg moeten.
Occupy-tenten leeg!

EditieNL bezocht afgelopen nacht het tentenkamp en filmde met een infraroodcamera waarop lichaamswarmte blootgesteld kan worden.

Met de speciale camera is ontdekt dat de meeste tenten, zo'n tachtig tot negentig procent, leeg zijn. Zie de beelden hiernaast. (Een lege tent is blauw en mensen in de tent kleuren rood op). Dat betekent dat de Occupy-ers niet op het Beursplein slapen, maar in hun eigen bed. ’s Nachts wordt het plein dus niet gebruikt.

De VVD in Amsterdam wil een einde aan het tentenkamp op het Beursplein. VVD'er Robert Flos is 'geschokt' door de onthulling van Editie NL dat het kamp 's nachts nagenoeg onbewoond is. Hij vindt dat de Amsterdamse burgemeester zo snel mogelijk een eind moet maken aan het kamp.

Eerder ontdekten journalisten van The Daily Telegraph dat op het Occupy-kamp in Londen slechts 1 op de 10 tenten ’s nachts wordt bewoond.