Monday, October 10, 2011

Summer weekend

a summer weekend in autumn. this entire weekend (extended until monday as it is columbus day today, a national holiday. but everywhere it seemed business as usual), temperatures were well above 25 degrees celsius! we went to new hampshire to see the colorful autumn leafs... with summer weather. that was funny. we were there last year somewhere in october as well, perhaps even the same weekend, dont remember.. but then it was a little more chilly, and we were the only people up there. the skilift was not working (as you can see here). this time it was quite crowded, and the lift was working... but we walked up and down (i think a little faster than last time; perhaps running 3 miles every now and then is at least a little bit useful).


biebkriebels said...

Looks like summer indeed, the weather doesn't seem to walk with the seasons anymore. But autumn has started in the end here, a bit late. Love the child lying so easy enjoying the grass.

Tim said...

the ORAMA :)

CaT said...

yes, the girl was cute, but before i knew she had jumped up again... :)