Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Both shooting

this was in california this august, when we took a boat tour.... both of them were experiencing most of the ride through their lenses. they were not there together, and it looked so funny, sometimes they were both shooting one way, then the other, and sometimes it looked like above.... im curious who ended up with the better pictures.
currently, we dont have internet at home, which is very frustrating. so sometimes i goto the common room at our apartment complex, or, as right now, im forced togoto the mc donalds, and eat a sundae icecream while updating my blog... ;)
(as a result, i also cannot visit other blogs as often as i want... :((( , i hope we have internet soon again)


Mriekje said...

Nice shot!

biebkriebels said...

Funny photo, I must admit that we do the same sometimes..... No internet because of the snowfall? Hope you don't have to eat hamburgers for a long time.

Tim said...

no internet because we are cheap, bieb :)