Thursday, November 24, 2011

Food mania

tomorrow its thanksgiving here in the us.... the supermarket was overflowing with turkeys again, and this evening the whole foods (also named whole paycheck as it is probably the most expensive supermarket around) was filled with people trying to get their last shoppings done for the big day tomorrow... as tomorrow will be food, food, and food... ah, and of course about being together and thankful.
more about thanksgiving here.


biebkriebels said...

At least you have a day off I suppose. That man left in his short pants and white socks, brrrr. It is a funny photo!

Anonymous said...

Hoping you and yours have an equally enjoyable celebration today with your family and friends that I will with mine!

Wayne said...

Is this the store down near Houston? I can't tell but I happened to be in that store back in September.

We have Whole Foods in Vancouver too and you're right CaT, they seem to charge more just because they can.

CaT said...

thank you madge!

this was in new york at union square (it was warmer then, thats why they have shorts!), those people were actually watching the slutwalk that was going on down below at the street.