Thursday, May 31, 2012

Wrapped up

its late and i dont have my own laptop right now... so i was going through tims pics and couldnt decide... then i saw this one of me he took in february. hahahha, i look weird!! it was so cold that day, but sunny so i hadnt really expected HOW cold. then the gloves and the jacket and the trousers and the hat were not really fitting each other.... but at least i was less cold :)
now its really getting warm here. the pool also finally opened and last night we had our first swim. it was soo nice!! 


Tim said...

yes, this is at the Sleepy Hollow cemetery, near the poet's alley, i believe

Kay said...

I'll say you're bundled! There's just clothes, camera and luggage. Fun shot.

Rae Walter said...

Such a contrast to your previous post!