Saturday, October 20, 2012

Fall colors!

fall colors are definitely here! so pretty! 
today it was mostly rainy, but its quite warm. i think the entire week it wasnt cold at all (i already dont remember anymore). tonight i made a pie with some fresh cranberries, and its so good... if i manage to get a decent picture (if i get one before its finished, its going fast.. ;) ), i will let you know the recipe! (got it from a dutch magazine, brought it with me when we moved to boston, and never got to actually making it).


biebkriebels said...

Wow, ths is beautiful, like it. Here we have the strangest weather ever, 20 degrees C! with rain so now and than, (more now then than). The trees are confused here and still keep their green leaves.

Wayne said...

Neato CaT!

Kay said...

Beautiful! So colorful!

I've had Dutch apple pie and love it. I'm looking forward to making the one from Butteryum to see if it's like what I remember.

Jack said...

Yes, the bright colors are superb this year.

Julie said...

Hello CaT

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