Wednesday, November 7, 2012

First snow!

here a crappy picture i took out of the window from our apartment this evening! look at all that snow!! and its still coming down..... its a bit windy, but not by far as windy as it was during sandy last monday. but its quite cold!
i keep reading about new york/new jersey/connecticut where sandy left a real mess. houses are destroyed, and many people are still (!) without power. this new small storm must be shitty there... when we drove through the state of new york, we were warned on the highway that there were fuel shortages in the hudson valley. we didnt notice anything, but i have seen the lines for gas stations on tv.... (here you can read more about the damage sandy caused in staten island, or here about the rockaways)


biebkriebels said...

That is weird snow in November, I feel so sorry for those poor people who still live without electricity and heating.

Kay said...

Snow's one thing when you can get cozy at home, quite another when there's no power and your home's damaged or destroyed. We had terrible storms around Seattle earlier this year that knocked out power in some areas for two weeks. When so many trees go down it takes much longer to clear them and get lines strung up again.

Jack said...

Fortunately this was a minor storm and a small inconvenience. Everything will be back to normal in a day. Not so for those in Sandy's direct path. They got slammed and face a long rebuilding process.