Wednesday, December 5, 2012

From Amsterdam

this is the dam square in amsterdam. next to me is the bike lane, next to you have the tram (you can see the wires), and then the cars. on cobblestones, not a problem if you dont wear high heels.... :D
its quite cold here, i guess a bit colder than in boston and my jacket is too thin. im surprised many dutch people still walk and bike around without hat and gloves; i think in boston everyone would be wrapped up entirely in many layers of clothes with these temperatures!
we're in the train now, and its equipped with free internet! (until next year, then you will have to pay). tomorrow is our last day, we are supposed to fly back on friday... but.... i just saw that lots of snow and wind is predicted for that day, hope it will wait until after we leave!!


Andy said...

This is another fantastic photo from trip. Keep on clicking.

Pierre BOYER said...

Enjoy your las day !!!


Jack said...

Fabulous, CaT. This is a nicely composed photo, and I love the cobblestone streets. But, where are the bikers? When I was in Amsterdam a year ago they were everywhere, all the time? (I'm going back the first week of April, hopefully to see the start of the flower season.)

Cheri said...

I have been right where you are standing. I loved Amersterdam, if anything it is one of the most interesting cities in the world.