Saturday, January 26, 2013

Icy Charles

today we walked a bit around in boston and cambridge. it was not too cold, although freezing, so i thought it was a nice idea to walk to cambridge rather than taking the subway. so we took the longfellow bridge, and there it turned out to be really, really cold!! still a nice walk, but much colder than we had expected... as you can see, the charles is kind of frozen at the moment. in the back you see the harvard bridge, the longest bridge over the charles. as i was looking up the name of the bridges (i always forget them), i found that people review bridges. 6 people took the time to write down their thoughts on the harvard bridge, as you can see here...... ("Serves its purpose remarkably well, always there when I need it"......)


biebkriebels said...

That looks rather cold there. Here the cold has gone, now we have rain again.I prefer the snow.

Jack said...

This is a very simple photograph, but there is something very appealing about it. Nice one, CaT.

Kay said...

I have a friend who's a structural engineer. He's totally fascinated with bridges and loves taking pictures of them. His wife tells stories of his peering intently up under bridges and gathering crowds as people come by and wonder what it is he's looking at.