Monday, January 7, 2013

Some bones

during our road trip we found these bones somewhere in the desert. i think we found them all in texas, and then we just drove around with them in the back of the car (you know, behind the rear window) until we reached las vegas. then we took some pics of them in the desert (as you can see above). and then... we didnt know what to do with them. just leaving them there would be a waste, i thought. but especially the femur in the back was far too huge and heavy to take home (although i thought it was really pretty). besides, i also wondered if you can just take bones in your luggage when flying? i googled and googled, but couldnt find anything on that... the second is a jaw, as you can see, and the first are 3 vertebrae.
well, the next day we packed our luggage, and there was no way the femur would fit. luckily we were in the fancy trump hotel; one wall was devoted to a nice wooden  closet with some glass shelves. there were some artsy things on there, and well... the bone perfectly fitted next to that! so we left it there.... i wonder whether they noticed when making up the room; i hope not, and that it will stay there for a long time... tim did take the jaw (but we dont have glass shelves; when the bag went through xray at the airport nobody asked what it was, so i guess you can take bones with you), and we forgot the vertebrae in the back of the car. luckily it wasnt human... ;)
now i just wonder whether we should call trump to ask if they found the bone..?


Kay said...

Are you sure that someone less well informed than you might not see one of those bones and completely freak out?? Is that someone pounding on your front door suggesting that you come out with your hands in the air?? 8-)

Stefan Jansson said...

You do the weirdest things when you are out on the roads!