Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Winter trees

these trees still look like winter to me.... this is commonwealth avenue, seen from right outside the public garden. i actually posted a snowy view of it not too long ago. yesterday it was raining most of the day and it was so cold that i couldnt sleep!! then today it was suddenly sunny and sort of pleasant... although still not warm enough.... several trees are blossoming though, i should get some pictures soon before thats over!


Stefan Jansson said...

Just give it a few weeks.

biebkriebels said...

Nature takes his time this year, here it is the same. At least we have +20C now!

Kay said...

I just went to Portland, OR for the weekend and the trees and flowers were amazing! It's only a couple of hundred miles south and what a difference that made! Once the trees get started it seems like everything starts turning green at once. I hope you see that very soon.