Tuesday, May 14, 2013

An elephant?

this was last year, in valley of fire, not too far from las vegas. an image i had seen already many times, like most people, i guess. in reality i thought... hmmm, really? elephant? and then i tried to take the picture as it was in my mind already, and ofcourse i didnt manage... i guess usually its taken from the other side...
earlier this evening i already tried to upload a photo (a more recent one!), but firefox refuses to do so, nowadays. now its 2.30 in the night and my cough does not let me sleep, so i decided to try again. i only have this folder with pictures from this holiday last year... there are so many images from the usa that i know since long before we came here, and its really so cool to now have visited (some of) them in person!!
now, let me try to sleep again... good night!


biebkriebels said...

Yes, those rocks are so amazing to see. I had hte same experience as you, seen it on pictures an then in reality. You have to see Monument Valley and Arches too.

Jack said...

Sorry that the cold is still bothering you.

Mrs. Colt had the memorial built after Mr. Colt died, on land next to their home. That land became a city park.

Kay said...

We camped at Valley of Fire and loved it! Nice shot!

I don't know why I've remembered this: did you ever complete the photo album you mentioned months ago that you were going to have printed?

You've really gotten some nasty bug! I hope you can shake it soon!