Friday, July 12, 2013

Old Amsterdam

this was taken around times square in new york... here in old amsterdam i havent been taking many pictures yet... so thats also why im not posting much...,
i got a gym membership here. something to get used to, now it doesnt come with the apartment anymore. the machines are less fancy (no tvs), but at least its above the highway, so you can watch the cars race by while working out. the gym is stuffed with lots and lots of machines on the tiniest amount of floor space possible, a little intimidating at first, so i was glad i wasnt alone (tim went with me).
still, lots of stuff to get used to (again)... haha... :)


Unknown said...

I love new york city so much <3 Are you going to do the mp3 experiment my improv everywhere this sunday? It looks like great fun I wish I could go :/

biebkriebels said...

You don't have landed here yet I see. It takes some time to start a new life again in another country I think. The american way has become familiar for you now after three years. Who could have imagined that three years ago?

Jack said...

Hah! You fooled me. I didn't remember seeing this theater when in Amsterdam.

Kay said...

It's an adjustment moving from one place to another - even more so when it's international, native country or not. Isn't it interesting to discover all the things you learned to take for granted, then have to readjust? It's part of the experience of traveling, but when you settle down and call a place "home" the expectations really change.