Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Self portrait

nooo, this is not in the netherlands, this is yosemite, where we were back in march!! but we didnt take any self portraits recently. or many other photos, for that matter... it was so pretty there, and we had so little time. just one afternoon. we did one hike, and didnt know exactly how long it would be. with all the warnings for bears and whatnot, that was a little scary to me... and it was indeed getting dark when we finally got back to the car (i already saw ourselves stranded somewhere high up, with a bear taking our last food. hmm, actually we didnt bring much. yes, we were really not that well prepared). 
lif here in amsterdam is quite different! :) no bears for sure..... but the weather at the moment is really good. jipppiiieeee!!


Kay said...


Unknown said...

I have a pic of me and Noah (in the backpack babycarrier) at that exact same spot. :-) So pretty. It was sunny when we were there and there was a double rainbow.

Jack said...

There they are! If it is beautiful now in Amsterdam, then grab your camera and go outside!