Saturday, August 10, 2013

Dutch market

this was this morning, at the market... a salesman was demonstrating some fancy window wiper. i think something that soaps and immediately wipes it... i was surprised by how many people were actually watching...!
it took a while, but friday was the first time me and tim finally went out to dinner somewhere in the netherlands. we also had a beer somewhere, and we got reminded "how it works here". funny how you forget simple things like that. first of all, you just take a seat. there is no waiting to be seated. but then the next challenge is that you actually get noticed by the waitress (this can be hard). and when she (or he) finally does, it can take quite a while before they bring your order, AND you are (at least outside on the terrace) often required to pay immediately. its easiest to have cash in those cases, but in the us i really got used to always pay with card. especially in restaurants. its so convenient! (so we both didnt have any cash). here tim had to go inside the cafe with the girl to pay with card. then we had dinner, and again it felt weird to just walk into the restaurant and choose a table. we again had some trouble to get the waitress' attention, and when we finally ordered, it took ages for the food to arrive.... but it was very good! hmmmmm... and lots of vegetables (something i often missed in the us when eating out). so good i totally forgot to take a picture... :)


biebkriebels said...

You have not seen the most pretty dutch people there ha,ha. Those sandals and clothes, is this how we look? Maybe you have to wait long for your dinner to arrive, but at least you plate is not grabbed away before everybody has fisnished.

CaT said...

:)) hihihihi. biebkriebels... yes, i do think many dutch look like this.... no? the 3/4 pants is really dutch i think... perhaps because the weather is hardly ever good enough to go shorter.. :P

Kay said...

We've stood around here in restaurants waiting to be seated until someone has come up and said, "Sit anywhere." Then you feel silly for standing around waiting. Not sure it's a good idea to keep people waiting for service. I get pretty grumpy when I'm hungry.