Friday, September 13, 2013

Black & white

somewhere in amsterdam, 2 ladies busy talking. you see this clothing style a lot in amsterdam, where at least 17% of the population is muslim. of course i am not sure that these women are muslim, but given their clothing its highly likely... :)
probably its not politically correct to mention that tim is always looking for the perfect sofa cover  (our couch is very old, ugly and has some holes in it. a cover would be nice, but i have looked for one and there arent many options. moreover, covers can be more expensive than a new (cheap) couch!!...). the above dresses come in many different colors and styles, some even more beautiful than others... every now and then he says; aaahhh, wouldnt that look good on our couch...? (in dutch: "kijk, mooie bankhoes!!").


biebkriebels said...

Yes, these streetviews are seen often now. I think it changed in the years you were abroad. There has been a lot of talking about here, to allow those dresses in schools and worksituations.

Kay said...

Good catch! I'm mostly used to seeing those robes only black, which in hot climates seems to be a good way to be hotter still.

Kate said...

I have often wanted to photograph these women in their traditional garb but the only time I see them seems to be when my husband is with me. He thinks it would be rude of me, knowing they do not like to be photographed. If only I could capture a photo when he's not around!