Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Grey Amsterdam

its so very grey out!! i think the netherlands would look a bit nicer if we had some sunshine, but its mostly grey these days. its well after 8 in the morning before its light out, and around 4.30 when its dark again. only a few hours of grey light each day!
above the center of amsterdam. the fancy building to the right used to be the post office (i dont know how long ago), but now it houses a shopping plaza. too bad all the shops are boring. somehow we go in there more often than not when we are around, but its really always boring. here you see the baking lane is separated from the cars only by a dotted line, but at most places the bike lanes are really separated from the main road. in the middle you see the trams and then the cars in the opposite direction. the car on the tram tracks is a cab. only cab drivers with a license can drive on the tracks (it will save them some time driving there), and for that you need to take a theory and driving test. a crane in the back; there is always some construction going on.....


Jack said...

This looks familiar. I think I have been there. Sorry about the gray skies.

Kay said...

The stores may be boring, but these buildings look very different from what I'm used to and so look very interesting.

Our sunset here is around 4:15 now, maybe a few minutes earlier. I think we're a bit further north than you. I've been grateful lately that it hasn't been so grey. That makes these short days even harder to take. Solstice is Saturday, so it can only get better, though never fast enough.