Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Oooh, Boston!

a picture of the charles river, taken from the bridge going into boston (or cambridge if you go the other way). today the boston marathon bombings are one year ago.
for me it was just another day in boston. i dont even remember the weather. perhaps, probably, something like above. the lives of many others who were present at the marathon changed forever. just like last year, i dont know what to write as i do not feel its my place to write anything. 
so, well... i read that many books are released today commemorating what happened; one of them is reviewed here.


biebkriebels said...

Oh yes, I remember that day very well. I feared for a moment you probably was in there to watch the run. I wondered has the offender already convicted? I can't remember it.

Jack said...

Your Boston photo is a beauty. Posting it on the anniversary of the marathon bombing is appropriate. Many people are thinking about the horrors of the bombing, but your photo emphasizes the resilience of Bpston, which most Bostonians also think about.

Kay said...

This is a lovely shot. I'll never understand why some people feel compelled to kill and injure others for any reason.