Monday, September 22, 2014

Morning ride

here most of the fog hd gone already, but saturday morning it was very foggy! as often these days (sometimes leading to terrible accidents on the road, like last week....). i was in the place with no internet for the weekend (i.e. groningen), so no posts... i had planned to post from the train on friday, but then the internet was not working... now im back in the train to work, and i do have a connection (but who knows for how long!!). its 6.45 and still very quiet, although crowded... last time i took this train it was filled with young kids, making so much noise!! ugh... hopefully they wont come today, i am really enjoying this quiet.
its still dark out (in the evenings its getting dark so early again too. buuuhhh), so i wont be able to enjoy the foggy fields for the coming hour or so... time to see check what i missed because of a weekend without internet (not that much, probably...)


biebkriebels said...

So terrible early...zzzzzz

Kay said...

I'm not a fan of early mornings (though I enjoyed it in Yellowstone, but that was completely voluntary).

Jack said...

If you didn't get up early enough you wouldn't see beautiful, peaceful scenes like this. Nice!