Thursday, September 4, 2014

What baguette?!

saw this in edinburgh, scotland, when we were there in july. we were looking for a restaurant, but this was just a sad, sad alley... i hoped to eat in the pub close to where we parked our car. but... while wandering around the kitchen had closed and we needed to find something else. we had italian food. not the best. but not the worst either. i guess i was just hoping for the fish and chips....
anyways... this saturday there is some festival in our neigborhood. it was last year as well, but then we missed it (as we miss most things... somehow i was better at keeping track of all that was going on when we lived in boston!). this year.... i have been asked to bake 10 breads! as you might know, i like to bake bread. in the past few months, i have occassionally baked bread for strangers (there is a dutch food website where you can post your food and/or leftovers, and then people in your neighborhood can come pick it up paying the cost of the ingredients/to make it). and so now, someone asked me to bke 10 breads for this event. im stil, not sure how im going to do it in my tiny oven... but i do know some of the doughs i will have to start now for them to be ready as baked breads on saturday.... so now its time for the kitchen and then for bed.... :)
anyone who is around amsterdam, this is the event! there should be lots of food and what-not!


Jack said...

CaT, that is a DISGUSTING alley! How hard is it for people to pick up trash? Or, better yet, not drop the trash in the first place?

I have seen your baking before. You will make ten great loafs of bread. I have confidence.

biebkriebels said...

10 Breads? That is a lot of work. Hope you will sell all of them.

Kay said...

Bravo for being willing to go to that much work.
That's a pretty disgusting sight in your shot. Doesn't speak well for Edinburgh.