Sunday, November 2, 2014

New light!

we saw this "advertisement" for a painter a few weeks back. i thought it was really funny!
the other day in train, i looked up from what i was reading... and saw that around me i was the only one reading something that had been printed. all the others were busy on their phones. at least nobody noticed that i was randomly staring at everyone.... :) sometimes, very, very sometimes, i wonder whether i might need such a phone after all...... but then i go back to reading "something printed".
biebkriebels asked me 2 days back whether tim wasnt tired of all the standing (see my last post), and today my sister asked when i would finally post again... so, here it is, another post... :)


Kate said...

Don't you wonder what Rembrandt would think of this "painting?"

biebkriebels said...

Hee, your are back again! You pop in and out for some long times. This is the new family portrait I suppose. It is really an image of modern life!
Still driving by train back and forth I see with our reliable NS company...

Jack said...

So technology is finding its way into serious art now . . . we should have expected that. I read whenever and wherever I am sitting, and it can be printed or electronic. I am a reading omnivore.

It is good to see your return. I have checked occasionally to see if you posted while I was traveling, and it appeared that you decided to take October off.