Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My wallet

i got this wallet as a present from my colleagues when i got my PhD. actually per & bettini decided which wallet. ok, first they had bought me a pink, smaller one, but then i decided to go for the big version that per originally had in mind. and i love it! i love to take it out, look at it, and then easily find the cards, money etc.. bad thing is ofcourse that everytime i take it out, it means money leaves my wallet.... :) but well.... starting a new life is not cheap!


Sylvia Neumann said...

you will need it with all the credit cards you are going to have soon, hahahahaha

CaT said...

i have sooooooo many cards already... i thought i would have more than enough space... but after 1 week US... im stuffed with cards already and more to get!