Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Boston apartment

so, there we are, on the couch in our new apartment in the US of A. aside from the couch, there is not much furniture, although there is an enormous amount of space.. good thing: we could each have our own livingroom as well as our own bedroom. no need to compromise then.... :)


Unknown said...

ok so cats livingroom and bedroom will obviously be pink and have plenty of pigs.... how about yours, tim?

Tim said...

haha.. so i am one of the pigs? :) i will start thinking of a nice motive (mo-teeve) to compensate for the pig/pink style. So the opposite animal of a pig would be.. lets see. Pigs are fat, so the opposite would be skinny. Pigs have a curly tail and electric plug snout, so the opposite would be.. uhm.. I dont know. Pigs roll around in the dirt, so the opposite would be an extremely hygienic animal. I would go perhaps with a sloth. they are pretty different, and i can totally relate to their do-nothing nature. So my room would be filled with sloths. As for the colour.. i would have to go with baby blue. Can you imagine it yet?

Unknown said...

I'm totally looking forward to visiting! LOOOOL!