Thursday, September 16, 2010

Indiana Jones

last night oak grove village organized a movie night! (thats where we live.. :) ). there was popcorn (on the right), and a huge screen (im sure you can find it yourself). besides, there was wet grass... at first we wanted to sit on a blanket but that was not very comfortable, so, as real americans tim got the foldable chairs from the car... also, this time we were prepared; we had something to drink and to eat! the old indiana jones movie was playing, but i forgot again which one. anyways, it was fun, although a little too cold to be sitting outside, and unfortunately there were not too many people.
the most important sentence of the movie: "ah, you americans are all the same. always overdressed for the wrong occasions!" ah well, i was underdressed: i forgot my socks and halfway had to run back home to get them; yes, it was really chilly!!


Tim said...

haha.. mosquitos punctured me 3 times. Otherwise the movie was funny!! so old! :D

Tim said...

fun fact: when trying to emulate the sound of indy hitting someone: they piled a bunch of leather jackets and hit it with a baseball bat. Also, indiana's hat was new: in order to make it look more battered, they had indy sit on it.

CaT said...

and how do u know these facts?