Monday, December 20, 2010

Amsterdam streets

we went for some shopping in amsterdam today! there is snow here since friday, and totally nothing has been done to get rid of it.... so all the streets now have a greyish, mouchy (is that a word?) layer of snow, at other places its not mousse, but just a thick layer of slippery ice. at one particular spot where it was real slippery, they had placed 5 policemen, and they prevented people to walk there; that looked so stupid to me!! they rather should have given them a shovel to remove the ice there, no?
this is at koningsplein (king's square), on the bridge. as you can see, many bikes are attached to the bridge, as rule number one for trying to not get your bike stolen is to lock it onto something. its often quite hard to find a parking spot for your bike; the good places are usually taken... :) 
the girl in the front looks rather dutch to me, and behind her is a real dutch bike, a "bakfiets", they became quite popular in recent years as you can use them to transport whatever you want (your 3 children, or your groceries or even to move your furniture...)
not the best pic, but i wanted to show the dirty streets!


Tim said...

i like this pic, it really show's the (google) street view..

Anonymous said...

Goeie foto van de Leidsestraat, was alweer vergeten hoe het er in december uit zag in de stad.