Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Utrecht mirror

this mirror is on the tolsteegsingel in utrecht. the street goes along the water and it all is soo pretty there! the houses, the water, simply everything... with the snow even the mirror becomes worthwhile... :)
it has hardly snowed since we arrived on saturday; most of the snow fell just before... (buuuh, i missed that!), but it has been freezing since, so the snow is everywhere, as for whatever reason nothing is being undertaken to remove it from the streets. most people are just biking as if there is no snow... i keep being amazed and tim keeps telling me that i talk like an 80-year-old, all those people are dutch after all, and know how to bike... :)


biebkriebels said...

Beautiful picture, very original with the mirror. About the snow removing, it seems only in Rotterdam they do something about it. Here in Almere we have to balance through a pedestrians tunnel with ice down and up.

Steffe said...

This is a very cool traffic mirror. The ones I usually see are circular. Probably a wise move by the Dutch to pretend that the snow isn't there, I will have to give that a go!

CaT said...

and yes, just jump on your bike and try not to fall off.... (not that i tried)

Tim said...

hahaha.. the dutch were immersed in snow for 2 weeks, that had fallen in only one day.. idiots.