Thursday, December 30, 2010

CVS Pharmacy

the CVS is a very american store, in my opinion.... often these stores are open 24/7. they sell a wide assortment of general merchandise including over-the-counter drugs (here a lot more/stronger drugs are available without a prescription than in the netherlands), beauty products and cosmetics, film and photo finishing services, seasonal merchandise, greeting cards and convenience foods (including candy and chips, but also milk and bread, but no fruits or vegetables). before writing this post, i never wondered what CVS stands for, but i thought i should know this when posting a pic of it! originally, CVS stood for Consumer Value Stores, but the CEO has said he now considers 'CVS' to stand for "Customer, Value, and Service" (all knowledge thanks to my friend wikipedia!). the CVS above is in the center of boston, and does not have a pharmacy, as most other CVS stores; there you can get prescription drugs. 
americans are very concerned about privacy, and the CVS gives you a Notice of Privacy Practices with each prescription drug, in which they describe that they wil not disclose your Protected Health Information (PHI), unless..... and then they virtually describe every possible circumstance in which they are allowed to disclose your health information to others... most reasons are boring; they could have spared me from all this reading by just writing; we will never disclose your information, unless we will disclose it. 
for those of you who made it to the end of this very boring post; the following reason to disclose your health information by CVS to others i found truly hilarious: "We may disclose your PHI to authorized federal officials so that they may provide protection to the President......" (suddenly your harmless prescription drug seems like a very powerful chemical weapon..., no?)


Unknown said...

well..... if you got it prescribed for something VERY contagious.... ;) i hope your prescription drugs were nothing to worry about!

biebkriebels said...

Poor Obama, threatend by an aspirin? By the way the shopwindow is very inspiring, to busy with the protections?

Pa said...

"COKE" on sale!!??

CaT said...

ah, marieke... the president might know.... ;)

hahahaa, yes, its a bit boring, but it was before christmas, maybe for christmas they had some more decoration?

COKE! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! hadnt thought about that!

Tim said...

lol i think the president should be concerned with cvs dealing coke..

CaT said...

but.. dont you worry.. the americans arent only concerned about their own president, they will also disclose your information to protect other presidents and queens etc.....! oh, do i feel special!