Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Also Texas

endless rows of power masts, flat fields (like the netherlands!), and sizzling heat.... that was my impression of texas (or at least the tiny part we saw of it). 
they told me the current heat was just the beginning of a few more months of even more heat. unbelievable! but... everywhere airconditioning. and most places the airconditioning was set to very cool... so while outside you were meting away, inside i was cold!! it seemed like a perpetuum mobile of heat; all the airconditioners cooling down the buildings to frigid temperatures, thereby expelling heat on the streets, making outside even more unbearable than it already was...
and i realize there it still sooo little i saw of the US! texas so far has been the furthest south and west i have been so far. funny; often people from europe complain that americans "do europe" in a few days, hopping from one capital to the other. how can you see europe? and what is europe?! all those countries are so very different! but the same goes for the us, in fact; i defenitely need to "do more us of a!"


Pa said...

Je hebt nu de kans om meer te zien van dat gigantisch grote land, met zoveel tijdzones! Woestijne, bossen, bergen en eindeloze vlakten (prairies).

Tim said...

De eindeloze vlakte kunnen we afchecken.