Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Downtown Dallas

on saturday we went to Dallas, Texas. it was hot, hot, hot! i guess it was over 35 degrees, not a cloud in the sky, and we had an afternoon to check out dallas... we first went to the dallas museum of art, which had free entrance (jeejjj!), and was very big and pretty. as all american museums we visited so far; they all are spacious, architecturally interesting, and with a lot of european art. they all have quite some dutch painters, a rodin or 2 (this one had even more), some monets.... then some ancient art, and some contemporary art. we always get lost and dont understand the walkway and/or the map of the museum... but its always very enjoyable (and usually free; or at least on the day we choose to go.. ;) )
after that we decided to walk the streets of dallas. that was pretty toasty! the streets were deserted, on a saturday afternoon! and we could not find any shops... so that was kind of disappointing...


Anonymous said...

I like how you captured this deserted street..
Well done!

Tim said...

urban jungle